The birthplace of Japanese Zen

Zen2.0 contributes to the realization of MINDFUL CITY KAMAKURA

⚫︎We continue to hold Zen2.0 every year and develop it into an international event representing Kamakura.

⚫︎We aim to establish an institution of education and research to nurture mindful leaders and communities, based on the Zen and mindfulness connections accumulated through Zen2.0 in Japan and in the world.

⚫︎With Zen2.0 at the center, we aim to build a business creation ecosystem and implement “mindful businesses,” to enrich the mind, in our society.

What is Mindful City Kamakura?

About Mindful City Kamakura

1.Abundant blessings of nature
A city surrounded by rich seas and mountains, valuing sustainability
2.Potential of Humans
The Wisdom of Harmony accumulated throughout history and the possibilities and connections of diverse people
Creation of various elemental technologies that update human potential
4.A Mindful Economic Ecosystem
A business and economic system in which the independent individual is organically connected and the mind is the essential capital.