Kouji has been consulting small and medium-sized manufacturers in Japan for over 20 years. He has over 12 years of experience in Zen meditation and over 5 years of experience in Vipassana meditation. He specializes in Zen-based coaching for executives and CEOs. He coaches CEOs using Zen and mindfulness-based awareness and dialogue in VR space.

He started his career at Fujitsu Limited and earned a Master’s degree in Media and Governance (Strategic innovation theory) from Keio University. After leaving Fujitsu, he joined a venture company but was laid off due to the financial crisis in 2008. To recover from the shock, he practiced zazen every morning. His experience of taking care of his mind through zazen and coming up with new business ideas led him to practice innovation management methods using mindfulness “zenschool®”, and in September 2017, he launched the world largest global conference on the Zen & Mindfulness “Zen2.0” at Kenchoji Temple in Kita-Kamakura. It has been running for four years.

He is co-founder of Zen2.0, a conference on Zen and mindfulness that attracts speakers from around the world. He is working to make Kamakura a mindful city where Zen and IT are combined. He is the author of two books “Let’s Start Micro-Monozukuri” and “True Innovation,” how to create innovation through Zen-like dialogue.

His company’s mission is to create new innovations in society by transforming the minds of political, corporate, and social change executives using not only traditional and authentic philosophies and methods such as Zen and mindfulness, but also new technologies such as trans-tech and virtual reality.

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