Mountain Priest Yamabushi's highest rank, Matsu Hijiri.


Yamabushi, a practitioner of Shugendo (Japanese mountain asceticism & shamanism, incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts).

Mountain Priest

1946: Born in Yamagata prefecture, the third son of the owner of the Dewa Sanzan and Haguro-area Daishobo Inn.
1971: After graduating from the Department of Literature at Toyo University, he succeeds as head of Daishobo Inn. He is given the priestly name of Shobun after undergoing the Shinto ascetic practices known as aki-no-mine.
2007: He serves as one of the matsu no hijiri (or yamabushi mountain ascetics) for the fuyu-no-mine ascetic practices.
From 2008, he officiates at the Shorei Festival.

Current posts: Dewa Sanzan Shrine Board of Directors, Dewa Sanzan Hafuri Representative.
The lectures on Shugendo practices held at various sites, and he is trying to tell the tips for better living through the wisdom and thought of Shigendo practice.

The author of ” Live as you feel – the way of the mountain priest”(published by Sakurada).
“The Answer is in What You Feel” (Ienohikari Kyokai)
“Reclaim the Power of Wildness” (Japan Management Association Management Center)