Jacqueline Hargreaves

Yoga teacher. Yoga and meditation researcher.

Jacqueline Hargreaves

Jacqueline Hargreaves, BE (Hons), E-RYT, has a special interest in Indian Yoga traditions and Japanese
Zen. Jacqueline researches the contemporary meeting place between historical practices and their
application in a modern (mainly therapeutic) environment. She has travelled throughout India for
fieldwork and studied meditation intensively for a year in a remote part of Japan. Her teaching combines
the physical practices of haṭhayoga with the therapeutic application of mindfulness-based meditation
(MBCT and MBSR). Jacqueline enjoys working specifically to assist those with chronic health issues, stress,
anxiety and depression.

Jacqueline holds a Bachelor of Engineering (with Honours) from the University of NSW and worked for 8
years as a research consultant for cutting-edge IT/AI projects in Australia, Canada, USA, China and India.
She has been dedicated to the practice and teaching of Yoga and Meditation since 1998. She offers
specialist workshops in Singapore, United Kingdom, USA and Japan, and most recently facilitated a
‘Foundations for Longevity in Teaching and Practice’ programme in Bali.

She is a founding member of the Journal of Yoga Studies, a peer reviewed, open access academic journal,
and The Luminescent, an independent, evidence-based research hub for the history and practice of Yoga
and Meditation. In collaboration with the Haṭha Yoga Project (SOAS London University), Jacqueline is
currently producing a documentary film, which aims to bring to life the eighteenth-century yoga of the

Zen 2.0 Seminar