Kyoko "Myokyo" Denda

Kyoko "Myokyo" Denda

Mushakouji-senke tea master. One partakes of matcha as the essence of nature, in order to awaken one’s consciousness to an experience of freedom. Master Denda continues to pursue the shinshu souzui (心手相随) style of tea, in which heart and hand unite in the moment of tea.

Lempicka representative; Mushanokouji-senke tea master.

Following an extended stay in New York during which time she received the inspirational message to enjoy life, in 2004 Kyoko Myokyo Denda presided over the creation in Tokyo of a practice space to enjoy tea ceremony (chanoyu) on a daily basis. In addition, she became involved in hosting chanoyu gatherings both in Japan and overseas as a member of Okabie, the style-transcending initiative founded by the late interior designer Shigeru Uchida.

In 2008, at the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit, she held the role of presenter for the “Earth Tearoom Space” inside the press centre. In 2010, she hosted a number of casual chanoyu gatherings, under such themes as “Wabi, sabi: An adorable tea girl’s day off” and “Picnics for adults”. In 2011, with a view to supporting recovery efforts following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, she participated in a number of events, including “ Chanoyu charity LOVE” and “The power of traditional culture”. From 2011 to the present, she has conducted close to 40 tea ceremony workshops in Japan and overseas, giving people the opportunity to learn the basic aspects of tea in a tabletop setting.

She is currently involved in producing “tea boxes” to enjoy chanoyu outdoors in a mindful way. She promotes matcha as the essence of nature, as an opportunity for people to align their breath and accept themselves just as they are in that moment.

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