Zen Eating


Founder of ZenEating

Momoe is the founder of ZenEating™, a mindfulness and wellness program that applies the art of eating to meditation.

She has provided ZenEating Eating Meditation as a mindfulness, well-being, and team-building program for Google U.S. headquarters, Panasonic, and McKinsey&co.

She helps people to experience the joy of life by eating in a way that sharpens their physical senses and helps them to feel more in tune with their minds and reduce the tension in their shoulders.

In the ZenEating work, you will experience a meditative way of eating, such as ” placing your chopsticks after each bite and eating 6 bites in 10 minutes”.

ZenEating has been inspired by Zen spirituality and has helped 1,600 people over 30 countries to find peace of mind in 10 months.

In May 2021, she started an online ZenEating school for individuals.

From her experience as a self-proclaimed “meditation dropout” who struggled to continue her meditation, she has made use of eating, which is easy to incorporate into daily life. By turning ordinary meal times into meditation times, she provides time to remember the joy of living by making meditation a habit without difficulty. 

Her book “ZenEating -Eating Meditation” will be pubrished in winter 2021.

Born in 1991. Her hometown is Yamagata Prefecture, where her grandfather, a mountain priest, lives.

Graduated from the Faculty of Policy Studies at Chuo University.

While working as an intern at a magazine editing company, she wrote her thesis on the theme of “Zen and Japanese Culture.

While working at Hoshino Resort, she was in charge of bodywork and meditation instruction in the wellness department, as well as branding.

When she was living in India for two years, she learned Ayurvedic nutrition and yoga, and also experienced living in the countryside without running water.

While working at IT food company, Cookpad, she experienced video production and new business development in the fast-paced IT industry.