Sori Yamada

Leader of WabiYoga ®, Producer of high-end branding

Sori Yamada

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Founder of WabiYoga®, a wellness method for aligning the body and mind, and trainer of WabiYoga®.

She also provides training for global companies and leaders, as well as private lessons for high-end domestic and international travelers looking for a quality wellness experience.

“WabiYoga is a self-management technique that focuses on the mind and body in a holistic way, eliminating waste in the body and mind, refining intuition, and enhancing perspective.

Wabi” refers to the spirit of wabi, which means “no waste, humility, and naturalness,” and “yoga” means “connecting” with your inner self, nature, the earth, and the universe.

WabiYoga was developed by extracting essences from the movements underlying Japanese ways such as Zen, budo, tea ceremony, and dance, as well as tai chi, runner’s martial arts, yoga, and other physical arts from around the world that I experienced while traveling.

As a solution to the challenges of the digital society, WabiYoga provides an opportunity to reset the fatigue of the brain and body, to develop a flexible body and mind to survive in the age of change, to experience comfort and a sense of being alive, to acquire spiritual beauty, and to manage one’s own wellness.

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As a high-end branding producer, she is in charge of service direction and human resource development for the wealthy, while also accepting high-end travelers from around the world who seek special experiences in Japanese culture and art.

As a member of the Japan Tourism Agency’s “Committee for Studying Tourism Strategies for the Creation of High Quality Inbound Tourism Services,” he also participates in the development of the government’s strategy for wealthy travelers.

Last summer, he proposed the significance of promoting high-end travel to the Chief Cabinet Secretary and Cabinet members at the Prime Minister’s Office. He is the author of “High-End Travel for the Global Elite” (Kodansha, 2019).


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Born in Tokyo in 1967. Born in Tokyo in 1967, she spent her childhood in Beirut, known as the Paris of the Middle East, and her high school years in Vienna, where ballrooms were popular, and grew up familiar with the European social scene.

While a student at Waseda University, he worked as a reporter for ZDF (German National Broadcasting Corporation) for one year before joining Fuji Television Network, Inc. as a news reporter.

In 1996, after marrying the 11th head of the Sohen School of Tea, Yamada Sohen (Yamada Nagamitsu), she began teaching tea ceremonies to children and beginners in an effort to pass on traditional culture to future generations.

At the same time, in keeping with the Yamada family’s tradition of “understanding the world through travel,” he has been working on themes that cut across art, fashion, food, and wellness.

In addition, the Yamada family’s tradition of “understanding the world through travel” has led them to create themes that cut across art, fashion, food, and wellness, while learning about local culture and the wisdom of the indigenous people to understand hospitality, heart and spirit.